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Welcome to “The Contractor Zone”.  The place to find the electrical industry’s most innovative, problem solving, and time saving products.  The products we feature will improve your efficiency and increase your profitability.  For samples or a full product demonstration simply contact your CSA outside sales representative or email us at

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HMI Cover Kit

Innovative design features include:

  • Protects from UV, dirt, dust, oil and water

  • Clear polycarbonate thermoplastic, or polycarbonate opaque cover options

  • 316 stainless steel external cover latching hardware and hinge pin 

  • Hinged screw cover, tamper proof screw cover, and snap latch options

  • Formed-in-Place polyurethane gasket in continuous channel

UltraPlug Enclosure hole plugs

Innovative design features include:

  • Innovative plug 'fins' have self-centering, anti-rotational design for fast and easy one-person plug assembly and no-tools tightening

  • Plugs fit wide range of hole sizes without a need for spacers

  • Corrosion resistant molded materials are suitable for a wide range of chemical compatible applications

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Mighty Rite Split Ground Bushing

Innovative design features include:

  • Install your bushings before or after pulling wire and making connections

  • Hinged design adjusts/aligns easier installation even in tight spots.

  • Adjustable lay-in lugs accept and position conductors for simple access

  • One bushing for both threadless Rigid/IMC or EMT

  • Corrosion resistant zinc alloy and stainless-steel hardware

Mighty Rite Split nonmetallic Bushing

Innovative design features include:

  • No more burning through bushings or fighting with pullers

  • Can be installed before or after pulling wire 

  • Self-aligning latch provides a simple, one-handed install

  • cULus Listed

  • Patented

Mighty Hold universal clamp strap

Innovative design features include:

  • Can secure both cable or conduit

  • Saves time and money

  • Polyolefin coating resistant to variety of corrosive chemicals

  • Strong shield from corrosive environments

  • UV-resistant / abrasion resistant

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Mighty Merge transition fittings

Innovative design features include:

  • Easily transition from EMT to MC cable

  • Less labor to strap and support cable

  • Material savings - fewer connections, boxes and enclosures needed

  • Promotes both speed and workmanship

Mighty Align Slip EMT Connectors

Innovative design features include:

  • Connect EMT to an enclosure in tight or limited access applications

  • Tri-drive set screw

  • 3 inch adjustment length

  • Slide fitting onto conduit to end stop and slide connector into the knockout. 

Mighty Align Slip EMT Couplings

Innovative design features include:

  • Joins two lengths of EMT together

  • Backing out center screw allows the slip coupling to be temporarily located on one cut end while adjacent end is slid into place.

Mighty Seal Raintight Reducing sealing washers

Innovative design features include:

  • Maintains NEMA 3R rating and UL listing on listed enclosures

  • Includes one coated washer and one uncoated washer

  • Coated washer installs on outside of 3R rated enclosure, uncoated washer installes inside

  • Sunlight resistant

Mighty Merge MC to EMT Transition Couplings

Innovative design features include:

  • Set screw type transition fittings are ideal for commercial and institutional facilities

  • Combination Couplings used to join EMT conduit via set screw to  AC/MC/MCIA, and FMC.

Arc Flash PPE Task Wear

Innovative design features include:

  • Choose from multiple options of features designed for all environments

  • Meets current ASTM F1506 and F1959 standards

  • Multiple series lines to choose from

Rubber shock protection gloves

Innovative design features include:

  • Keeps qualified electricians in compliance with OSHA requirements

  • All items are fully tested and approved

  • Multiple glove kits for a variety of specification requirements.

Protective tool kits

Innovative design features include:

  • Predefined kits created for various needs or industries.

  • Custom created kits include selection of storage options

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Outdoor Applications

Innovative design features include:

  • LEDs provide lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs

  • EiKO carries a range of outdoor lighting fixtures to replace conventional systems including multi-use site and area lights, flood lights, wallpacks, industrial and security lighting.

LED Lamps

Innovative design features include:

  • Replace traditional lighting with LED increases reliability, life, energy efficiency, and reduce maintenance

  • Offers a complete line of products including LED HID lamps, screw-based lamps, pin-based, and recessed LED lamps.

Indoor Applications

Innovative design features include:

  • Provides the solutions for your indoor lighting needs with slim panels, volumetric troffers, linear strips,
    commercial downlight retrofits and more.

  • Available PowerSet and FieldCCeT features allow for multiple “set and forget” lumen or CCT stops in each fixture.

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Leif wireless control system

Innovative design features include:

  • Built on SIG Qualified Bluetooth® Mesh

  • Highly scalable & interoperable with other SIG Qualified Bluetooth Mesh devices

  • Simple installation and commissioning with the desktop portal & mobile app

  • Use with Z10 Enabled fixtures or integrated EiKO fixtures

Innovative design features include:

  • Up to 104,000 lumens and 177lpw efficiency

  • Light weight for easy installation

  • Multiple distributions available to optimize performance.

  • Aluminum heatsink ensures cooling

  • ETL listed for wet locations

  • Z10 receptacle simplifies adding controls

Signal Flood Light 


Indoor daylight harvesting sensor

Innovative design features include:

  • Sends analog signal with light level into a lighting control system or building automation system.

  • Fixed, 15 second, full range time response

  • Applications include office, classrooms, and retail locations.

  • Temperature range: -40F - 140F

USB charger with 20A receptacle

Innovative design features include:

  • interchangeable 5.8 Amp, 5V triple USB Type-A charger module with a single 20 Amp tamper-resistant receptacle

  • Feature internal shutters that prevent the insertion of foreign objects into the receptacle.

  • IntelliChip recognizes the charging requirements of individual devices to optimize charging speeds

USB charger with 15A receptacle

Innovative design features include:

  • Dual port 5.8 Amp USB Type-C/Type-A charger combined with two 15 Amp tamper-resistant receptacles

  • Our high speed USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports include IntelliChip technology to deliver the most advanced charging technology and optimize current to reduce charging time to devices.

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Pop-up Floor Box Assembly

Innovative design features include:

  • 20A tamper weather resistant receptacles, which include internal shutters to prevent the insertion of foreign objects.

  • The floor box easily pops up for easy access to power; simply snap the cover closed when not in use.

  • Weather-resistant receptacle rating: 125 VAC, 20 Amp

Sceptalight light fixtures

Innovative design features include:

  • All-round performance in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications

  • Fixtures made from glass-reinforced thermoplastic polyester resin

  • Long-life, easy servicing, high impact-resistance, corrosion and chemical resistant.

  • Silicone gaskets provide water and vapour tight seal.

Kraloy Junction Boxes

Innovative design features include:

  • Standard or hinged cover options

  • Standoffs are molded-in to accept back panels as well as DIN rails

  • Features quarter-turn fasteners that are hand-close and tool-assist to open

  • Built-in Gridlines create easy reference for drilling knockouts making conduit alignment a snap

Kwikon Non-metallic electrical tubing and fittings

Innovative design features include:

  • Light and flexible, color-coded stripes for cable identification

  • ENT fittings folded with locking tabs that exceed minimum UL and CSA requirements for pull out.

  • Designed to meet harsh environment or a concrete pour.

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Switch rated plug and receptacle

Innovative design features include:

  • Spring-loaded butt contacts with silver-nickel contact surfaces

  • Quick break mechanism

  • Push button disconnection

  • Dead front with safety shutter.

  • Automatic watertightness and easy connection

  • Installation flexibility 

  • Integral LOTO provisions

Multi-pin Plugs and receptacles

Innovative design features include:

  • Wide range of Multipin plugs and receptacles that provide a convenient and reliable means of connecting multiple circuits and/or control and monitoring signals through a single device.  

DR400 High Amperage Plugs and Receptacles

Innovative design features include:

  • Safety shutter, locking pawl, inlet lockout hole

  • Solid silver-nickel contacts with butt-style contact configuration

  • Easy closing mechanism

  • 2 pilot contacts

  • Heavy duty, high-amperage plug and receptacle, with all-metal construction and a compact form factor is rated up to 400A at 480V OR 350A at 600V

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Surge-Trap Type 1 STLC series

Innovative design features include:

  • Installs directly into residential load centers bus bar with 1" spacings

  • LED status indicator (ON = good, OFF = Replace)

  • 2 Modes of protection (L-N, L-L)

  • 3 year warranty and up to $25k connected equipment warranty.

Multi-Unit Fusible Shunt Trip Panel

Innovative design features include:

  • All-in-one solution with reduced installation time

  • One panel to install up to six elevators with fewer conductors

  • Utilizes Mersen AJT class J fuses

  • Fire Safety relay for interface

  • Oil-tight power enabled indicator light

  • Available in NEMA 1 and NEMA3R enclosures.

Mersen Elevator Switch Panel

Innovative design features include:

  • Best suited for commercial applications

  • Fire safety relay for control interface 

  • Oil-tight key switch to test 2 position selector switch and oil-tight power enabled indicator light

  • Rotary ON/OFF handle

  • Accepts padlock in OFF position

  • Suitable for Class J fuses

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Fused Coordination Panel Board

Innovative design features include:

  • Does not require fuse replacement on common overload conditions

  • Brand circuits can simply be reset

  • Ensures minimal fuse let-thru energies by using Mersen's Amp-Trap 2000 class CC and class J fuses

  • Circuit breaker trips instead of fuse opening with 2X rating

6' Architectural LED Linear

Innovative design features include:

  • Available in driver integrated and remote power system configurations

  • Remote power fixture provided with two RJ-45 connector ports. 

  • Efficiency greater than 140 lumens per watt

  • Universal input of 120-277V

  • Operating temps: 32°F to 122°F

  • 0kA Surge Suppression Standard on Integral Version

Commercial Recessed LED downlight

Innovative design features include:

  • Wide range input voltage of 120 - 347 VAC

  • Full-range dimming via 0-10VDC controls

  • TM-21 Reported L70(9k) life >56,000 hours

  • LM-79, LM-80 testing performed in accordance with IESNA standards

  • Meets FCC 15 PartB: 2016 Class A requirements

Indoor LED Vanity Sconce

Innovative design features include:

  • Universal input 120 ‐277VAC

  • Greater than 80 CRI

  • Finish in Nickel, Frosted Acrylic

  • Two lengths of 24½” and 36½”

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10" Indoor LED Wall Sconce

Innovative design features include:

  • Universal input 120 VAC

  • Greater than 80 CRI

  • Finish in Nickel

LED Dock Light

Innovative design features include:

  • Beam angle of 33°

  • Utilizes high performing LEDs with ≥ 70 CRI

  • Operating temperature rating of -13°F to 104°F (-25°C to 60°C)

  • 45W System Level Power

  • 120VAC Input voltage

Pyxis OBL - LED Bollard

Innovative design features include:

  • Thermally-protected, high-efficiency driver

  • Operating temperature rating of -4° to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C)

  • Input voltage of 120-277VAC

  • Driver delivers full-range dimming from 0 – 10VDC

  • Standard with 10K surge protector

Wet Location LED Step Light

Innovative design features include:

  • Custom slim driver minimizes installation width

  • Life rated hours >50,000

  • Utilizes high performing LEDs with 80 CRI

  • Vertical model luminous flux of 35 lumens

  • Horizontal model luminous flux of 75 lumens

  • Available in 3000K CCT

Single-Gang Electronic Door Chime

Innovative design features include:

  • Patent Pending design installs in most standard non-metallic single-gang junction boxes

  • Digital chime reduces burn out and failures while featuring the Westminster tone

  • Voltage divider allows the unit to combine both line and low voltage in a single-gang unit

  • Multiple poke-in connectors

PrimeChime Plus 2

Innovative design features include:

  • Integrated transformer

  • Input: 120VAC/60Hz

  • Output: 20VAC

  • Digital control board with speaker

  • Two distinct chime tones: Westminster for front and Ding-Dong for rear door

Tork Wi-Fi Timers

Innovative design features include:

  • Wi-Fi App Ready.  Program and control the time through Tork App

  • Control lighting, motors, pumps, fans, heaters, pools, spas, water features, irrigation systems and appliances in an automated 7-day cycle for maximum ease-of-use

  • Multi-voltage ready timer features key performance innovations including DPST contacts and commercial-grade surge protection

Warrior wrap electrical tape

Innovative design features include:

  • Superior adhesion and elasticity

  • Highly resistant to UV, abrasion and corrosion

  • 8.5 and 7 mil thickness

  • 220°F (105°C) maximum temperature

  • 11 industry colors

Easy-Twist wire connectors

Innovative design features include:

  • Extra thick end cap prevents wire breakthrough

  • Color-coded thermoplastic shell is flame retardant to UL94V-2 standards for electrical installation

  • Electro tin-plated steel springs made from square wire bite in fewer twists

  • Swept-back wing design is ergonomic for applying torque without straining fingers

  • Deep skirt entry provides protection from flash-over and shorts

Vision Tap multi-tap connectors

Innovative design features include:

  • Clear design allows for a transparent view for optimal conductor placement.

  • Abrasion, chemical, and flame resistant for added protection and pre-filled with oxide inhibitors to prevent corrosion

  • Removable plugs ensuring secure entry port closure while preventing debris from entering

  • Operating temps from -45°C to 90°C and rated for 600 volts

  • High-conductive aluminum alloy

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Simple Support bracket system

Innovative design features include:

  • Telescoping bracket adjusts from 16" to 24"

  • Can be preassembled

  • UMA can either mount-to-stud directly or clip onto bracket

  • Rigidity eliminates need for far-side back support

  • Markings on Bracket allow for quick and consistent adjustability.

Box and Conduit hanger support

Innovative design features include:

  • ETL Rated: Support of 100lbs 

  • 15 Gauge Steel, Pre-Galvanized

  • No cutting required

  • Stamped marking provides guide lines 

  • Pin holes and slots allow for use of conduit straps

  • Required only one rod for installation

  • Easy to preassemble for labor cost savings

Height adjustable box installation template

Innovative design features include:

  • Adjustable, magnetic platform allows for seamless mounting of different bracket assemblies at a uniform height

  • Hand nuts lock and unlock the adjustable platform.

  • Magnets hold the brackets steady

  • Built in level ensures even installation

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Easy access lighting box

Innovative design features include:

  • Turns a 2-person job into a 1-person job

  • Reduce labor by 50%

  • Available with a sliding swivel cover plate to offer greater stability for high bay fixtures.

  • Can hold up to 70 lbs.

Universal Fireblok Firestop insert

Innovative design features include:

  • Installs indie an electrical box and easily applied by hand

  • Pre-molded ground screw openings

  • Certified for both plastic and metal faceplates in all fire-rated walls

  • Pre-scored on the back for easy snapping and installation

  • Highly intumescent (20+ times original size)

Pedestal Post

Innovative design features include:

  • Easily install outlets or safety switches on flat, commercial roofs

  • Labor savings and convenience on new construction and retrofits

  • Require only one rooftop penetration, do not require extra brading, and available in 30" and 60" heights.

  • Allow conduit to be routed below the roof-line reducing the number of roof penetrations.

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Rig-A-Lite ALIJ Hi-Lumen LED

Innovative design features include:

  • Wide distribution pattern with uplight

  • Field replaceable LEDs and drivers

  • Hinged mount for easy access 

  • Isolated LED compartment reduces temperature in driver housing.

  • Heavy-duty tempered glass lens

  • Enhanced heat dissipation


Innovative design features include:

  • Low profile body, less than 5" high

  • Interchangeable optics with Type I,III,V and wide distribution options

  • Spring pressure connection terminal 

  • Field replaceable LED circuit boards and drivers with quick disconnects

  • Hinged mount for access to internal components 

Non-metallic heavy duty LED

Innovative design features include:

  • Low-profile and lightweight design

  • Heavy-duty, 1/8" thick body

  • Three cable entry points 

  • Toolless, cage-clamp terminal block

  • Captive junction box cover

  • Field replaceable LED boards/drivers

  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens

HLEX LED Exit Sign

Innovative design features include:

  • 3-hour emergency operation

  • Optional battery backup self-diagnostics

  • Edge-lit

  • Baked-on, epoxy-coated, die-cast, copper-free aluminum housing

  • Field replaceable LED circuit boards and drivers with quick disconnects


Cable Bus

Innovative design features include:

  • Safe, waterproof entry flanges

  • No heaters or blowers required; free-air ventilated metal enclosure

  • Heavy-duty, lightweight but durable construction connecting large currents up to 8,000A and up to 69kV

  • Rugged; able to handle any environment

  • Continuous cable from end-to-end increases lifespan of the cable bux

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LED HID Corn Lamps

Innovative design features include:

  • Energy efficient replacement to HID lamps.

  • Higher lumen maintenance than standard metal halide lamps

  • Maintains bright light throughout lifespan

  • Consumes 80% LED energy and delivers 150+ lumens per watt.

  • Variety of styles available

Magnilumen plus retrofit

Innovative design features include:

  • Faster installation and longer lasting rates over 100,000 hours

  • Uses less wattage and more efficient

  • Replaceable parts

  • On-Board DIP switch adjustments for lumens by raising and lowering wattage.

  • Higher lumen packages for Mid and High bays

  • No glass to break like tubes

Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting

Innovative design features include:

  • Helps protect sea turtle hatchlings and other beach-dwelling animals

  • Provides adequate lighting for safety, attractiveness and compliance with beachfront lighting ordinances

  • ZLED lamps are sea turtle-friendly because they utilize long-wavelength light of 610 nanometers

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LED Sports Lights

Innovative design features include:

  • Great for stadium lighting, sports fields, car parking lots, and high mast installations.

  • Comes with yoke mounting.  Optionally rotatable brackets, slip fitter, pole bracket and u-shaped bracket.

  • Aiming position light and anti-glare cover

Neon style line voltage flexible LED strip lights

Innovative design features include:

  • Dot -free flexible linear light fixture.

  • Engineered to last and withstand the elements

  • Smooth surface allows flexibility and installation in difficult applications

  • Optional aluminum track available, custom cut to your installation.

  • Available color: Red, orange, yellow blue, green, white, color-changing.

Linear LED wall washer

Innovative design features include:

  • Provides uniform light

  • Emphasizes textures on vertical surfaces

  • Good for cove lighting, wall washing, and wall grazing

  • Best suited for hotels, plazas, museums, buildings, landscape lighting and custom projects

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